The Fancy Chick
Rare and Heritage Poultry

Canadian Orders
Over the years we have had many requests to ship day old chicks to Canada.   
We are happy to say that our Canadian shipping has gone quite smoothly.   We
will continue to accept Canadian orders on a  
very limited basis due to the
paperwork involved and our USA orders.

Please read our Canadian shipping policy below prior to ordering.

While we can not ship to a Canadian address we can ship chicks for importing into
Canada.  Please read the instructions below then
contact us via email if you would like
to place an order to check on available dates for Canadian orders.  
To receive day old baby chickens now available to our Canadian
customers please follow these instructions:

  1. When you place your order, we will need your name, a contact phone number and
    regular Canadian mailing address.
  2. Give us the U.S. city where you plan to pick up your order. We cannot ship
    live poultry directly into Canada. The address on the poultry boxes will be your
    name and the post office at the U.S. city you have chosen. Chicks will arrive
    Tuesday-Friday and someone must be available to pick the chicks up at the US Post
    Office they are shipped to.
  3. Health papers will be required to bring the birds into Canada. There is a $300
    charge for the veterinary farm inspection and health certificate for your chicks (non-
    refundable).  This is the charge we incur to be able to ship your chicks.
  4. Please check in advance with your Canada Border Crossing Inspection Station to
    see if they are prepared to inspect and admit poultry.  You will also need to obtain
    the appropriate import papers from Canada to take your chicks back across the

Please Note
  • We can ship day old chicks for import into Canada between March 3rd through
    September 30th, 2014 subject to chick availability.
    prepaid in U.S. funds. Credit cards are accepted through PayPal.   Personal checks
    are not accepted.  We accept Money Orders in US funds only, money orders not in
    US funds will be returned to sender.  
  • Minimum Canadian chick order is $1000.  Marek's Vaccine and Express
    shipping is included on all Canadian chick orders at no additional charge.  
    Each Canadian order gets individual attention to coordinate timing and safe
    arrival of the chicks.

Health Papers are required at Canada Border Crossing
Inspection Stations for ALL live day old poultry taken into Canada. We will  provide the
health papers for your day old chicks, you will need to obtain your import permit for the

You must contact us prior to ordering to check on availability as we are
scheduling a MINIMUM of orders in 2014

Please read***

While we can not offer a guarantee for your chicks once you pick them up due to
circumstances beyond our control, they are guaranteed to arrive alive at your designated
USA Post Office.   Once you pick them up and head back to Canada they are in your care
and it is your responsibility to get them home safely.

Take a camera to the post office with you.  If there are any losses you must take a
picture of the chicks and have it verified by a postal employee at the location
they were shipped to.  Only the chicks that arrive deceased and verified by a
postal employee will be refunded.  It is up to our discretion to refund or reship if
over 1/2 the chicks are lost.
There are no other guarantees expressed or implied on
Canadian chick orders.

Remember you are traveling with day old chicks.  If it is during the cold months they must
be kept warm (95 degrees) but out of direct heat source.   If it is
hot (summer months) DO
leave them in the car unattended as it could take only minutes for it to get too hot in a
closed up car and the chicks become overheated.  Also watch that they are not sitting on
the seat in direct sun on your journey home.  Please remember you have precious cargo
on board.  Make accommodations for your chicks if your travel is going to take you a
couple days, food/water.     If you have any questions or concerns please contact us, we
want your experience to be a good one!