Terms and conditions for ordering from TheFancyChick.com:
Please read our ordering and shipping policy in its entirety.  By
placing an order you acknowledge that you have read and agree
to our order policy.

Before ordering our imported Orpingtons
While we pride ourselves with some of the rarest and best Imported Orpingtons
in the country, p
lease be aware, while we strive to produce superb quality birds in every
hatch, as in any breeding program,
 unwanted characteristics can show up from time
to  time.

We accept checks or money order payments only.  Payment must clear prior to

Chick orders are scheduled in the order they are received, a popular breed could be sold out
for months.
 Please order early and be patient, no one jumps ahead on the order
Shipping dates are approximate and are subject to change depending on
availability of chicks.
When we receive your paid order we will email you an approximate shipping date.   
Please note on your order any dates that you can not receive chicks.  Orders are scheduled in
the order they are received.   Spring/Summer hatching season runs through June.  Chicks are
shipped in July and August weather permitting. Orders placed by June will be shipped by
Orders that can not be shipped by September will be given the option for
a refund or a fall shipping date.
***We reserver the right to refuse chick or egg sales at our discretion***
We currently DO NOT ship chicks to:  SD, MN and Hawaii due to strict state regulations,
special permits, red tape, and expense.
Our minimum is 10 chicks to be covered by our live chick guarantee.  
On request, we will ship fewer, however,  OUR LIVE CHICK GUARANTEE IS NOT VALID FOR LESS THAN
(pertains to day old chicks).
Shipping or Pick-up: We do not have a 'store front' and are a privately owned working farm
with strict bio-security in place.  However, if you are local and want to  pick up your chicks
please call ahead and we will arrange to meet you.
Shipping days:  We ship live chicks Monday-Wednesday only.  Because we are working
with live animals that are sometimes unpredictable, SHIPPING DATES are approximate and

NEVER guaranteed
.  We will try to let you know as early as possible if we must change your
shipping date.
Shipping Method: We ship Priority or Express.  HOWEVER, THERE IS NO LIVE CHICK GUARANTEE
EXPRESS shipping it is no longer guaranteed overnight regardless of what the tracking
information states.  The USPS regulations says they have
3 days on LIVE BIRDS shipped
EXPRESS to get them to their destination before they are considered late due to
This comes directly from the Unites States Postal Service.

Tracking your order:
 We drive the chicks to the post office in another town so they go straight
to the airport.  Unfortunately once we drop them off we have no way of knowing where they are
at any given time.
 If the postal service does not update the tracking there is no way for us
to know where your chicks are until they arrive.
 We do not provide tracking information
with priority shipping.
Substitutions:   Because chickens do not always cooperate, on hatch day we may be short on
a breed you have ordered.
 Please let us know on your order form if you prefer not to
receive a substitute in order to fill your order.
If we have to substitute you would receive
chicks of equal or greater value.  If you choose not to have substitutions it could delay your
LIVE CHICK GUARANTEE:  We guarantee your chicks to arrive alive and for 78 hours beyond
that.  Please take a camera with you to the post office to pick up your chicks.  Take pictures of
any chicks that are not alive so it can be validated by a postal worker.
Email the pictures to us as soon as the live chicks are safely in their new home.  No
chicks will be replace without pictures.  If chicks are DOA we will need pictures of the
shipping box as well.

Deceased chicks will either be replaced or refunded at our discretion and availability.  
No FREE chicks will be replaced.  Shipping is never refunded, shipping is charged on
all replacement orders (replacement chicks are free shipping is not).  

You must contact us with any losses  as soon as your chicks arrive and are safely in
their new home.  Any issues with weak chicks must be reported at that time so that we
can help you monitor them over the next few days.  No refunds or replacements will be
issued after 72 hours.

never guaranteed or replaced.

Chick and poultry health:

We run a clean and healthy operation.  Our farm is inspected several times a year.  We
are NPIP certified and certified AI clean.  Most farms are AI monitored, we are AI clean
meaning we are tested several times a year.

The chicks you will receive are healthy chicks that come from healthy birds.  We offer a
72 hour live chick guarantee.  We
DO NOT guarantee the chicks 3 months down the
road, not even 3 weeks.  There are too many variables with raising poultry.  We have
no control how the chicks are raised or the conditions they are exposed to once they
leave our farm.  

It is nearly impossible to tell the origin of a poultry disease, even for expert poultry
scientists who are now working on the 2015 H5N2 outbreak.   There are conditions that
could affect your poultry health that are beyond our control.  Conditions with the
imported birds with reduced resistance to the diseases here in the USA that they are
not exposed to where they originated.  

Marek's disease for instance.  Marek's disease in England is different than the Marek's
disease we have in the USA, the Marek's vaccines are different.  Imported Orpingtons
tend to be more susceptible to Marek's even after being vaccinated.  If you have
chickens, they have been exposed to Mareks.  It is in virtually all environments.  
Breeding for resistance is of the utmost importance.

Inbreeding can also weaken the immune system of poultry.  Most imported birds are
going to be inbred to some degree due to lack of genetics to work with.  Genetic
predisposition to certain conditions that we have no way of knowing about could also
affect their health and vitality.

Due to all of these conditions we will not replace chicks beyond our live chick
guarantee.  If you do not accept the conditions of our live chick guarantee please
purchase chicks from another breeder.

And lastly we strongly recommend reading and learning as much as possible about
poultry health and how to raise chicks prior to your purchase.
Order Cancellation REFUND POLICY:  
Once your order is placed you have 7 days to cancel for a full refund.
Orders cancelled
after 7days will receive a 50% refund.  
(Deposits are non-refunded).

A full refund will be given after 7days only if  the orders is not filled in the time frame
above ( spring/summer orders filled by September) or the breed you ordered
permanently unavailable.  We do not issue refunds for buyers remorse.

We are working with live birds.  We depend on them to lay fertile eggs, then we depend on
those eggs to develop and hatch live chicks.  Occasionally it doesn't work that way.  Hens stop
laying during molt and sometimes for no reason at all.    
PLEASE be patient, we will ship your chicks as soon as they are available
While we strive for quality in hopes to produce some ribbon winners in every
hatch, we can not guarantee all chicks will be show quality. As in all breeding
unwanted characteristics/traits may show up from time to time.
Your chicks are guaranteed for 72 hours once they arrive
You must contact us with
any issues or losses pertaining to
your chick order within 72 hours.
No refunds or replacements will be issued after 48 hours.
Deceased chicks will either be replaced or refunded at our discretion and availability.  
No FREE chicks will be replaced.

There are NO OTHER guarantees or warranties expressed or implied for live chicks.

By placing your order you agree that you have read and agree to our
terms and conditions.
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Shipping dates are approximate and are NEVER guaranteed.  
We are working with live birds
.  We depend on them to lay fertile eggs,
then we depend on those eggs to develop and hatch live chicks.  
Occasionally it doesn't work that way.  Hens stop laying during molt
and sometimes for no reason at all.    Occasionally it may be
necessary to change a shipping date and sometimes more than once.
f we have to reschedule your order we will let you know as
early as possible of the new shipping date.  
At this time we do not offer hatching eggs.
It is advised by USDA/APHIS and TheFancyChick.com that all new poultry be
quarantined for at least 30 days upon their arrival.  Please read our article on

prior to receiving your chicks