Prices are subject to change without notice.  Prices on this page are current as of 2015.   MINIMUM CHICK ORDER OF DAY OLD CHICKS TO BE COVERED BY
We will ship less, however,  they will not be cover by our live chick guarantee.
Please read this section before completing your order.
  •  First, take a moment to read our Ordering Policy and FAQ page.
  •  All chicks are vaccinated for Mareks Disease  at no additional charge. Be sure to let us know if you do not want your chicks vaccinated.   

When we receive your paid order (or deposit) we will email you an approximate shipping date.   Please note on your order any dates that you
can not receive chicks.  Orders are
scheduled in the order they are received.  
Shipping dates are not guaranteed and are subject to change.    Fall shipping season begins in September.  2016 shipping
begins the second week of January.  For complete ordering information, refunds and shipping dates please read our
 Ordering Policy and FAQ page.  Please email if you have
additional questions.

Substitutions:  *Please read before ordering*
On rare occasions on hatch day we may be short on a breed you have ordered.  Please let us know at checkout if you prefer not to receive a substitute in order to fill your order. If we have to substitute you
would receive chicks of equal or greater value.  If you prefer
not to have substitutions it could postpone your order.

If you have additional questions that are not answered on those pages please contact us.  
While we have not had issues shipping to certain zip codes, please be sure you can receive live chicks at your zip
code prior to ordering

Blue Orpingtons
Blue,Black, Splash as hatched

Buff Orpington

Large Fowl  Chocolate

Silver Partridge Orpington Project
(Private invitation only)

Mottled Orpington

Crele -Legbar Orp
(Gisbrechts line)

Blue Jubilee

Gold Laced Black

Jubilee Orpington
Gisbrechts Line-

Partridge Orpington
(Gisbrechts line-Blue and Gold as hatched)

Buff Columbian Orpington
All Imported birds that we own were imported legally.  We went through all the proper channels, obtained all the proper permits,
health certificates, and customs papers.  This information is public record and can be obtained by requesting it in writing to USDA/APHIS
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Isabel Cuckoo Orpington

Blue Parrtridge Orpington
Blue and Gold as hatched

Columbian Orpington

Delaware Orpington

Silver Laced Orpington

Blue Buff Columbian
The Fancy Chick
Rare and Heritage poultry
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Extra chicks that we have after orders are filled for the 2016 breeding season will be offered on Rare Breed Auction.  

We hope you continue to visit our site in 2016 to see what's new and exciting for the future.  We will continue to update our site with breed
information and any new additions.
Thanks for stopping by and have a wonderful  2016 season.
Warm regards,
The Fancy Chick
We are currently not taking any more chick orders for 2016