Origin: Barneveld, Holland, the stock was imported into the UK in 1921.

Classification: Heavy: Soft feather Egg Colour: Brown

General Characteristics:
Carriage: Alert, upright and well balanced, the body appears compressed and
the back is concave.
Type: Body is medium in length, deep and broad shoulders and high-set
saddle. Breast and rump are deep, broad and full. Wings are rather short and
carried high. Tail is full with a graceful and uniform sweep.
Head: Carried high with a neat skull. Beak is short and full. Eyes are very
bold, bright and prominent. Comb single, upright, medium in size and well
serrated. The base of the comb is firm base and heel to follow the neck. Face
is smooth and as free from feather as possible. Ear-lobes long. Wattles of
medium size.
Neck: Fairly long, full and carried erect.
Legs & Feet: Thighs and shanks of medium length to give symmetry. Shanks
and feet free from feathers. Four well spread toes.
Plumage: Fairly tight and of nice texture.

Color: Male

Neck and saddle hackles to match for colour and definition, each feather to
be blue with slight red-brown edging and red-brown centre quill (stem)
finishing blue to the tip. Breast red-brown with blue outer edging or lacing.
Back and cape red-brown feathers with very wide blue lacing. Abdomen and
thighs blue with darker down. Wing bow and bar red-brown with broad lacing
primaries, inner edge blue, outer red-brown; secondaries, inner edge blue,
outer red-brown finely laced with blue, showing when closed as a red-brown
bay. Tail, all main feather blue, with blue sickles and hangers. Undercolor
dark slate.

Color: Female

Hackle blue. Breast, saddle, back and thighs red-brown ground clear of
peppering, each feather with defined glossy blue outer lacing, and inner
defined lacing, the outer to be distinct yet not so heavy as to give a blue
appearance to the bird in the show-pen. Abdomen blue with blue down
preferred. Wing primaries inner edge blue, outer brown, finely laced with blue.
Tail, main feathers blue with laced feathers well up to them. Undercolor grey.

Weight: Large Fowl

Cock: Not less than 7-8 lb (3.2-3.6kg) Cockerel: Not less than 6-7 lb
Hen: Not less than 6-7 lb (2.7-3.2kg) Pullet: Not less than 5-6 lb (2.25-2.7kg)
Double Laced Barnevelder
Blue Double Laced Barnevelder
Double Laced Barnevelder
(Black Variety)
Blue  Double Laced
Buff Laced Barnevelder
Juveniles from the blue to
blue breeding bred to the
Black Double Laced
Barnevelder should
produce all blue.
Buff Laced aka Splash
Buff Laced Barnevelder
rooster over Black Double
Laced hens will produce all
Blue Double Laced chicks
The blue gene rule applies to Barnevelders as it
does in other breeds:
Blue Genetic Breeding:
Blue (Bb) X Blue (Bb)
= 50% Blue (Bb), 25%
Black (BB),
25% Splash (bb)
Blue (Bb) X Splash (bb) = 50% Blue (Bb), 50%
Splash (bb)
Blue (Bb) X Black (BB) = 50% Blue (Bb), 50%
Black (BB)
Splash (bb) X Black (BB) = 100% Blue (Bb)
Black (BB) X Black (BB) = 100% Black (BB)
Splash (bb) X Splash (bb) = 100% Splash (bb)
The picture of the eggs are our Barnevelder  and
Lavender Orpingtons eggs.

The top row is a typical beige egg belonging to
our Orpingtons.  The second row (bottom row) is
our Barnevelder eggs.  The Blue Barnevelder
hens lay a little lighter egg than our black Johan
Barnevelder girls.  As with any breed not all
barney eggs laid are as dark as the ones here,
but this is a good representative of their color.
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This variety is sold out
We started out years ago with our original Barnevelders from Johan Van Achterberg at
Hidden Meadow Farm.  We later added Blue Barnevelders from Doug Auston originating
from Blue Hen Hatchery and Trisha from TLS Ranch Barnevelders.
We produce Blue Double Laced Barnevelders as well as Buff Laced and the original Black
Double Laced.  Our chicks are sold as hatched meaning you could receive all three

In 2015 we added Blue Barnevelders originating from Greenfire Farms.  Chicks will be
available in the fall from these breeding pens.
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