Blue Partridge Orpington
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Blue Partridge Orpington
This variety was first bred here on our farm from
imported birds.  

Not recognized by APA- (considered a project color)
Variety information:
Virtually no leg feathering, but could
still show up as with all imported
We are seeing 2 different colored
hens (see at the bottom of the page)
from our Blue Partridge, both are
What to expect in breeding:
We are on the fourth generation of this variety and they
are breeding true.  We are producing complete and
clear lacing.   The blue genetic
rule does apply to this variety.  They can be crossed to
other Partridge Orpingtons for gene diversity.  Although
this variety breeds true it would still be considered a
project color.
Release Date - 2014
Egg Laying - Fertility Good,150-180 eggs per year.  Can
be Broody - Peak laying is between 8-18 months, once hens
reach 2 years old longer intervals between laying after molt could
be expected.
Information on Blue Genetic Breeding:
Blue (Bb) X Blue (Bb) = 50% Blue (Bb), 25% Black (BB), 25% Splash (bb)
Blue (Bb) X Splash (bb) = 50% Blue (Bb), 50% Splash (bb)
Blue (Bb) X Black (BB) = 50% Blue (Bb), 50% Black (BB)
Splash (bb) X Black (BB) = 100% Blue (Bb)
Black (BB) X Black (BB) = 100% Black (BB)
Splash (bb) X Splash (bb) = 100% Splash (bb)
We are very proud of this variety.  They are exclusive to the Gisbrecht's Orpingtons at  They are every bit as vivid as their
picture shows and are by far the most colorful Orpington that we own.    Started chicks are currently offered, email for availability.
We are currently are not offering day old chicks for this variety.  A percentage of chicks hatched will be
Gold Partridge (traditional color) and Blue Partridge and are impossible to tell a part at hatch.  We are
currently only offering started chicks once they have begun to feather out so we can guarantee Blue.
Please see the chart on the lower right as far as what to expect with day old chicks.  We have both Blue
Partridge and Gold Partridge in our breeding pen.

The pictures at the top are our 2014 blues and below are our 2015 breeding generation.  We crossed our
blues to a big beautiful imported Partridge rooster from Orpingtons Galore and results are beautiful.
We are producing  light and dark Blue Partridge pullets, both are equally beautiful.  Below
are some of our 2015 breeding stock.  The imported Partridge rooster added size and
type to the blues.  We are really pleased with the results.
Chicks from this pen will be offered spring of 2015.
A couple of our new
generation of Blue
Partridge pullets for

Just Beautiful!
Young Blue Partridge roosters for our 2015 breeding season.  

Partridge x Partridge = 100% Partridge

Partridge x Blue Partridge = 50% Partridge and 50% Blue Partridge

Partridge x Splash Partridge = 100% Blue Partridge

Blue Partridge x Blue Partridge = 25% Partridge, 50% Blue Partridge and 25% Splash Partridge

Blue Partridge x Splash Partridge = 50% Blue Partidge and 50% Splash Partidge

Splash Partridge x Splash Partridge = 100% Splash Partridge