BUFF Columbian Orpington
Blue Buff Columbian
Buff Columbian Orpington
Keiths orps - Imported
Separated line created by TheFancyChick
Not recognized by APA
Variety information:
No leg feathering (could still show up from time to
time as with all imported orps)
.  This variety is
one of our larger Orps.
Variation in color could be occasionally solid
buff, Blue Buff Columbian, Black Buff
Columbian with smutty back feathers.  We
have seen some slate/blue legs
What to expect in breeding:
This variety generally breeds true.  The pictures
here are our actual breeding flock and a good
representative of what we are producing.
Can be bred to buff, partridge, or white columbian
for gene diversity. This variety is still considered a
project color.
Release Date - 2014, Blue Buff 2016
Egg Laying - Fertility - Good - can be broody
Blue Buff Columbian
Buff Columbian