Buffed Laced White aka Splash
They are called buff laced white in europe, which explains the colour, buff with white lacing,
carries two copies of the blue gene as does splash and pyle which is produced from two
blue partridge parents, any mating of blue to blue whether it be cuckoo, partridge, laced or
any other pattern will produce a percentage of offspring carrying two copies of the blue
gene ie: splash, if buff white laced is mated to gold/buff black laced all offspring will be laced

by Bob Follows
February 2, 2012
An absolutely stunning color!
Gisbrechts Imported Orpingtons
These lovely Orps are called
Buff Laced Whites, or Buff
and aka "splash".
Occurring from breeding
Blue laced to Blue Laced, in
our case Blue Laced Golds
Explained below as quoted from Bob Follows' writings:
As far as I am aware "splash" is
not a recognized color by any
breed association as of yet.
Currently unavailable
This variety is not available
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