Imported Columbian Orpington
New for 2014!
Columbian Orpington
(Check back for availability)
The Columbian Orpington variety is unique to Gisbrechts
Orpingtons and
These beauties will be available in Buff and White Columbian.

2015 Update
The Columbians aka Quail Orps have been a challenge to
breed.  Getting the type and color the way we would like has
been slightly difficult.  The Buff more so than the white.  We
will be releasing a few of the white in 2015 as we continue to
work on them.   We may possibly offer some Buff Columbians
later in 2015.
Blue Buff Columbian
Fall 2016 Availability
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Columbian Orpington also known as Quail Orpingtons
Bred here on our farm from white orpingtons imported by us.

Not recognized by APA- (considered a project color)
Variety information:
No leg feathering (could still show up from time to time as
with all imported orps)
.  This line of Orpingtons are one
of the
largest that we raise, some of our hens are
9-10 pounds.  The white hen pictured, our foundation
hen, weighed nearly 12 pounds!
What to expect in breeding:
This variety generally breeds true.  The pictures here are of our
breeding  flock. We are now breeding the 3rd generation.  Any variation
would be solid white or off white Columbian.  Can be bred to quality
whites or Delaware Orpingtons for gene diversity, as the Columbian  
pattern is dominant.
Release Date - 2014
Egg Laying - Fertility - Good,150-180 eggs per year.  Can be
Broody - Peak laying is between 8-18 months, once hens reach 2 years
old longer intervals between laying after molt could be expected
The Columbian gene can be used to produce sex-linked
.  A Buff Columbian rooster over White Columbian hens will
produce equal chicks of white and buff but the buff chicks will be
pullets.  No buff cockerels will be produced from this mating.  The
cockerels will be white with a brassiness in the hackles.   

To further confuse you a White Columbian rooster over Buff hens will
produce White Columbian pullets and brassy roosters.  It will not
produce sex-linked chicks.  Theoretically if you cross the brassy
roosters back to their buff mothers you would produce some of both
buff Columbian boys and girls

The Columbian gene is dominant over non-columbian colors so
the resulting offspring will display the Columbian markings.  

Columbian birds can be used in producing white as the
Columbian gene suppresses other body colors from bleeding
through, a common problem with white birds.
Interesting facts about the Columbian gene
Above and below -2015 Cock
Above 2013 Cock, Below 2014 Cock
In the video to the right the black chickens in the
pen beside the Columbian rooster are Black
Copper Marans, the size difference is huge.
Video above are 2 1/2 to 3 month old Buff
and White Columbian Orpingtons
Currently unavailable.