Delaware Orpingtons
The Delaware Orpington (Cuckoo Columbian)  has a  
white body and breast, with light black barring on the ends
of the hackle, wings and tails. It is similar to the Columbian
color seen in some breeds, but has barring in the dark
portions rather than uniform black.  As in other barred
varieties the hens are single barred.
This variety will be very limited for 2014
(Check back for availability)
Bob Follows was the first to produce this beautiful variety.  Upon his
retirement his only  pair was passed on to Keith Gibbons of
Orps in England.  

We are proud to offer these beautiful birds in 2014.   Availability will
be very limited while we continue work on them.  We will also be
offering the
Buff variety in 2014.  Both varieties are very new and
will need continued work to perfect type and size.
Delaware Orpington
(Cuckoo Columbian)
Keiths orps - Imported

Not recognized by APA- (considered a project color)
Variety information:
No leg feathering (could still show up from time to
time as with all imported orps)
.  This variety is   
on the larger size .
Variation could be solid white or gold
overtones or Columbian- no barring.  We
have also seen light slate/blue legs.

Occasionally we will see  Lavender Delaware
chicks from this line (pictured below).
What to expect in breeding:
This variety generally breeds true.  The pictures
here are our actual breeding flock and what you can
expect to produce.   Can be bred to white or
Columbian Orpingtons for gene diversity.
This variety is not accepted by APA and is still  
considered a project color.
Release Date - 2014
Egg Laying - Fertility - Good,150-180 eggs per year.  
Can be Broody - Peak laying is between 8-18 months, once
hens reach 2 years old longer intervals between laying after
molt could be expected
Our White Delawares are pure white without gold tones which
are common with some white base colored birds.  However, this
variety could produce some gold overtones.
NEWS FLASH:       At least one pair of our White Dels are carrying the lavender gene.  We have produced a very few Lavender Delaware
chicks like the ones pictured below.

Please be aware when ordering day old chicks there is a possibility of getting lavender Delaware Orpingtons.    There is no guarantee you
will get lavender but there is a possibility.
Currently Unavailability