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Handmade Essential Oil Perfumes
We offer a variety of different essential oil perfume scents in several sizes and packages made to order.  
Our regular sized perfume sprays are available in 10 to 30 ml size, 10ml roll on's,  5ml trial size jars,  and
5ml trial size roll ons' as well  as several combo packages.  Each fragrance is blended with Hydrosol, Floral
Water or Distilled Water for our spray perfumes, or  silicone for a "dry" perfume spray or our natural oil blend for
roll on perfumes.

Each or our perfume oils have an individual aroma.  All are made from natural oils that have been allowed
to cure for an adequate amount of time for the oils to blend naturally.   Not all fragrances will smell the same
on all people and not everyone will like all the fragrances we offer.  By offering trial sizes we hope you will
fined something in our natural perfume line that will suit your fragrant needs.

Our perfumes are created from natural oils and have a good staying power.  However, you can quickly grow
used to the smell of the perfume you are wearing, to the point where it might seem like it has completely
worn off.  You can no longer smell the fragrance but other people around you still can.    Have  you ever
walked into a room and detect a certain smell but in 10 minutes you don't smell it anymore?  This is called
"olfactory fatigue" or odor fatigue.  What is "odor fatigue" - read our article in the left hand column for more
Pearly Sue's Natural Perfume: Handmade naturally with essential oils
We complete our essential oil "spray" perfume with the addition
of hydrosol, floral water, distilled water,  and  Cyclomethicone.

If you are not familiar with Cyclomethicone here is a brief
Cyclomethicone is used in perfume and linen sprays because it
quickly evaporates leaving a silky film on the skin.  Cyclomethicone
helps leave skin feeling smooth, instead of sticky or oily. It is clear,
alcohol-free and odorless and used in many cosmetic products and
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Scientifically what exactly is "olfactory
fatigue" or odor fatigue?

The olfactory sense (sense of smell) is unique
because it relies on mass, not energy to trigger action

Your ears do not "stop" hearing a sound after a
certain period of time, nor do your eyes stop seeing
something you may be staring at. This is because
both the ears and the eyes rely on energy to trigger
them, not mass.

In the nose, once a molecule has triggered a
response, it must be disposed of and this takes time.
If a molecule comes along too quickly, there is no
place for it on the olfactory hairs, so it cannot be

By smelling in quick, short sniffs, often moving the
source of the smell in front of one nostril then the
other prevents odor fatigue.  
For more interesting reading
"Anatomy of Smell"   

For this reason, often after wearing perfume, and
smelling the continuous aroma for some time, it may
not smell as strong to those wearing it.   

Often times when sampling different perfume scents
after about the 3rd one they will all smell the same.  
However, a good whiff of coffee grounds will clear the
senses so you can continue on your quest of
sampling new perfumes.
Our Handmade Natural Perfumes:
All of our fragrances are created here by me and are not intended to be identical to
other perfumes that might have the same name or similar name.  
Our fragrances are exclusive to us.
Midnight Dream (our version) - our signature scent, starts out with a refreshing
top note of sweet citrus, followed by sensual tantalizing floral middle notes,
topped off with  warm and spicy base notes of myrrh and calming frankincense.
My favorite!, sure to be one of your favorites too!

Egyptian Musk - Our own version or Egyptian Musk is a soft clean yet slightly
sweet scent with a light musk base not.  Slight notes of Patchouli and Amber
can be detected with a lingering hit of Myrh.   Not overpowering just fresh and
seductive!  A true musk fragrance, light and clean.  Works great for layering
fragrances as well.

Wild Musk - Our own version of Wild Musk.  If you are a musk fan this
seductive blend is sure be  pleasing to the senses.   Our Wild musk is includes
our own Amber blend,  with notes of Jasmine,  Ylang Ylang and Sandalwood.

White Sand -  is a teasing hint of sweet jasmin and patchouli,  stimulating black
pepper oil and amyris perfectly blended to set  the stage for this seductive

Elegance - is a refreshing clean and calming fragrance of vanilla and lavender
with a hint of  southern summer citrus fields.

Windswept - A fragrance of spicy, minty, floral bouquet all wrapped up in one
package.  Some of the oils used in this blend include rosemary, peppermint,
sage and rose geranium.

Black Linen - Is a sweet floral blend of just the right amount of patchouli, ylang
ylang, rose  geranium  a hint of warm vanilla.

Rescue Me - is a fun blend of citrus floral and spicy notes toped off with a
base note of calming cedarwood.

Autumn Nights - is a well balanced blend of essential oils including cedarwood,
warm vanilla,  grapefruit and bergamot along with other essential oils that give a
feeling of a warm fall evening.

Backwoods Breeze - is another favorite of mine.  It has a clean outdoorsy
fragrance of cedarwood, frankincense, floral patchouli and just a hint of  warm

Fantasy - is a simple sweet and uplifting blend of oils including ylang ylang,
sweet orange and patchouli.

Escape - is a fragrant sweet citrus blend of essential oils including lemon &
orange valance, a  floral essential oil blend  with just the right touch of warm

Dragons Blood - We are happy to offer our own special blend of Dragon's
Blood!  It is truly an  enchanting aroma!  With a combination of our amber blend
and base notes of  myrrh,  tantalizing  patchouli and sweet earthy fragrance of
sandalwood, it is amazing!  

Egyptian Dragon- A fun and uplifting aroma of citrus top notes and slightly
floral with base  notes of patchouli vanilla and amber.  

Twilight - A wonderful floral, spicy amber aroma all wrapped up with a slight
hint of musk &  citrus.  A perfect light seductive scent for a special evening!

Mystical -  A woodsy citrus floral blend with just a slight musk hint.  A true
magical blend of base  notes of Vetiver and Rosewood.  If you like a woodsy
floral aroma "Mystical" is for you.