Are Your Eggs Fertile?
Ever wonder how to tell if your rooster is covering all the hens?  If the
hens and roos have been together long enough?  If the eggs are still
fertile if the rooster has been removed from the breeding pen?
All before you begin to incubate eggs that may not be fertile.

Assuming you have eggs to spare (I don't think you'd want to do this
with $300 eggs!).  Take a look at the picture of the 3 eggs below and
see if you can tell which one is not fertile.  You can scroll down to the
next picture and they are marked.

The cells begins to divide even before you collect your eggs and the
developing embryo looks like a 'bullseye' in the yoke.  The unfertile
egg will just be a white dot.  You can compare your egg to a store
bought egg for easy comparison.
These are actual pictures of our Golden Cuckoos and our Black Copper Marans.  If you
look very closely you can see the cell division.  If you candle your eggs at 7 days and they are
clear, you can still break the egg and look for the 'bullseye'.  It will be obvious if the egg was
ever fertile, you can also examine the air sac and see if it is damaged (no, the eggs are not
likely to be rotten or explode when you break them at a week....)
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