Partridge Orpington
This color was created in England, but is not recognised there at the date of this writting.  It is, however, recognized
in Denmark, Germany and Holland.

A tip for breeding good females is that the markings in the saddle of the male should be interrupted.
The eye color of the partridge orpington is brown-red, the beak and legs pinkly white.  In the females darker shining
is allowed
These birds are incredibly calm and gentle.  They are absolutely
stunning to look at and very good layers of medium to large eggs.
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If you think this guy looks different than the Partridge Orpingtons
you are used to seeing you are correct.  He is one of two of our
Partridge Orpington roosters not related to Greenfire or Heirloom

This is a line that is unique to Gisbrechts Orps  as we are the
original importer.  We will be offering for the first time in 2014,
chicks from this line.  An excellent opportunity to add to the
Greenfire Orpington gene pool that has become extensively
inbred over the last couple years.  
This guy is very stunning with a gentle nature as with most Orpingtons.  He has the absence of lacing on his chest and virtually no leg feathering, another issue
common to the Imported Orpingtons.

While he does not have leg feathering it is still possible to see an occasional chick with leg feathers but is less likely with this line.
(We have both Greenfire hens and our own line of Partridge hens in our breeding pen - our roosters are unrelated to Greenfire)
Partridge Orpington
Imported 2012
Greenfire - 2011
Not recognized by APA
Variety information:
Slight leg feathering (Greenfire line)  -
smaller Partridge


Little or no leg feathering on the
Partridge importes from Sandy
larger variety
What to expect in breeding:
Greenfire variety breeds true but is in desperate need of gene diversity.  Chicks are
becoming smaller, weak and unthrifty due to excessive inbreeding.  
We have 2 roosters unrelated to Greenfires exceptional Partridge Orpingtons and will be
using these rooster exclusively in 2014 to add
much needed gene diversity to this
We will be offering these chicks in 2014 to help add to the gene pool of Partridge Orps of
other breeders.  Please remember this will be the first year releasing this line and
although both lines are excellent quality, quality of the chicks, lacing, size etc., is
unknown. These roosters have much to offer to the existing Partridge Orps and we
believe the combination will be as good or better quality than the parent stock.
***While we will try to fill all orders, please anticipate a wait for this line***
Release Date - 2012
Egg Laying - Fertility - Good,150-180 eggs per year.  Can be Broody - Peak laying is between
8-18 months, once hens reach 2 years old longer intervals between laying after molt could be expected
Our roosters are unrelated to Greenfire's Partridge Orpingtons.  
We have both Greenfires hens and our own line of Partridge hens.