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Canning Peaches
We planted several peach trees a couple years ago and to my surprise
they were loaded with peaches this year!    Wonderful sweet peaches!  They
made the best peach jam.  I made sever different recipes with them including
pepper jam that was absolutely delicious, especially in our homemade yogurt!
Fried Zucchini Cakes
My husbands family heritage is German and we have been making German
Potato Cakes for years.  Then we decided to try it with this incredibly versital
vegitable.  Why not?  I make everything else out of it, mock apple jam, mock sweet
& hot pickle relish why not mock German Potato cakes?  Well they turned out
Yummy Homemade Yogurt (and nutritional too!)
Yogurt is a wonderful versatile very nutritional food.  Even people who are lactose
intolerant can usually enjoy a cup of yogurt.  Freeze it and put it in a cone, use it
in recipes or just add a little fruit and make it a yummy treat!  Any way you have it,
it is a wonderful food!
Main Dish Green Bean Casserole
On a calorie restricted diet this amazing vegetable can help to maintain your
overall total calorie intake.  Fresh green beans, at 34 calories per cup on a 2000
calorie daily intake green beans would make up less than 2%.   Green beans are
a great source of vitamin A, C, D, K and a good source of calcium, iron and
potassium  as well as lots of other vitamins and minerals, why not a main dish!   
Delicious Peanut Butter Cookies
While we try to eat as nutritional as possible, everyone has a sweet tooth now and
then!  This are a couple of my favorite peanut butter cookie recipes.
Nutritious Hot Cereal for a Cold Morning!
A new twist to an old cereal. I remember mom fixing farina cereal for us on cold
mornings when I was growing up.   It always hit the spot before heading out to
school.  It is still popular today and a much better alternative to cold cereals that
are loaded with artificial colors, flavors and sweeteners.
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