I have long been a tree huger, recycler, all things nature kind of girl, sometimes to a fault according to my husband.   :)

I believe we should take only what we need and leave a little for tomorrow and give back what we can.  With global
weather changes, droughts,  and history making storms we need to conserve where ever and when ever possible.  
Even a change as small as not buying bottled water is a step in the right direction (omitting plastic bottles is a good
change for your health as well).  Recycling is a must right down to our plastic shopping bags.

Even “biodegradable” plastics should not go to a landfill.  They should be recycled. Usually, nothing biodegrades in a
landfill. But if biodegradable plastics do break down in this oxygen-free environment, they’ll emit methane, a
greenhouse gas 23 times more potent than CO2     according to Ramani Narayan, a professor of chemical and
biochemical engineering at Michigan State University.

The best course of action is to reduce the amount of plastics that we use, or omit them all together.  Plastics that are
not being used should be recycled.   It is nearly impossible today to buy anything packaged in glass, my containers of
choice.  But, if we stopped buying plastic, manufactures would be forced to seek a different and safer alternative.

Here are 10 things that you can start today to help better the planet:

Recycle – not just plastic, recycle glass, newspapers, cardboard and tin.
Donate aluminum cans to a needy cause.
Shop second hand stores – Volunteers of American and Good Will are 2 of my favorite stores and both with a good
Buy local – whether it be farmers markets or local co-ops.  Shop in your local community as much as possible.
Batch your errands – instead of running out for little things you forgot, make a list and pick them all up at one time.
Unplug electrical items not in use – Chargers, DVD players, radios all pull electricity even when not in  use as long as
they are plugged in.
Take showers instead of baths- baths in general take about twice as much water as a shower.
Install an electronic thermostat – It is amazing how much you will save with one of these little gadgets, easy and
inexpensive to install.  We have ours set for 3 different temperature times per day.  Night time temps after 11pm being
the coldest at 62, just nicer to snuggle under the covers in :)
Turn off your computer – By turning off your computer instead of leaving it in sleep mode, you can save 40 watt-hours
per day.
Plant a tree! – If not at home, sponsor a tree in a park or playground.

There are many other ways to help save our planet, I’ll bet if you think about it for just a minute you could add ten
additional ideas to the list.

With everyone working together we can make a difference.

Thanks for your help!  Together we can do it, for our grandchildren, for our planet. :)
Together we can make a difference!
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