Silver Laced Orpington
Available 2015
This variety has proven to be very challenging to keep the integrity of the lacing while
introducing new blood.  We will continue to work on the Silver Laced throughout 2014.

We currently have a combination of 3 different bloodlines in the Silver Laced.
We are hoping to be able to release this variety in late spring early summer 2015 along
with the very exciting  
Silver Partridge.

Silver Laced is such a new variety world wide I have not been able to find the
breed standards as of yet, other than the
General Orpington standards.
One of the challenges of the Silver Laced variety is obtaining crisp clear
lacing through out the plumage.   Something we will be working on in
future generations.  We will be selecting our best offspring to breed back
in hopes of perfecting the lacing.  Once again, with limited gene pool here
in the USA it will be a little challenging.

We will be offering a few of this variety in 2015 in hopes that others will
breed towards the same improvements.
Silver Laced Orpington
English Imports

Not recognized by APA
Variety information:
Virtually no leg feathering, but could still show up from
time to time as with all imported orps.  Leg color ideally
is pink or white although I have seen some SL with
yellow legs (not acceptable and considered a serious
fault and should not be used for breeding) or light slate,
probably a result of outcross at some point for needed
gene diversity.
What to expect in breeding:
This variety is new to us for 2014 so quality and faults of the
chicks are at this point unknown. This variety can be a challenge
to breed as well as getting crisp clear lacing as they are a very
new variety world wide.
Release Date - 2014 - 2015
Egg Laying - Fertility -Good,150-180 eggs per year.  Can
be Broody - Peak laying is between 8-18 months, once hens
reach 2 years old longer intervals between laying after molt could
be expected
Currently Sold Out,
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Silver Laced Rooster over Gold Laced Hens

There is very little gene diversity for the Silver Laced Orps here in the USA.  It is sometimes
necessary to breed the Silver Laced to the Gold Laced to add to the gene pool.  Below is what
you can expect when crossing the two.

Keeping good records is a must when you are crossing two different varieties/colors.  What you
would get if both the SL and GL are pure and have not been cross to anything else:

Silver laced male over gold laced female = silver laced pullets and silver laced split to gold
cockerels (females can not be split)

The chicks will look the same (all will appear silver) when they hatch so chicks from this cross
will not be sex linked.

The female offspring get the Silver from the SL rooster but nothing  from the hen, so are pure

The males get a Silver gene from the SL rooster and the gold gene from the GL hen, so they
are a Silver bird carrying the gold gene;
so a split silver.  Generally giving a smutty or dirty
silver laced bird.

can not be split, they are either Gold Laced or Silver Laced but never split.

split silver male, bred to a silver female will  give one of his genes to the female, so 50%
will get the silver gene and  50% will get the gold gene, so half are Silver pullets and half Gold
For the male offspring, they will get the females silver gene and one gene from the rooster, so
half the male offspring will be Split  and half pure Silver.

A split silver laced male over a gold laced female  will give you 50% gold and 50% silver female
offspring, and males will be 50% Split Silver  and 50% pure gold laced