The Buff Delaware variety is also known as Lemon Cuckoo Columbian

Bob Follows was the first to produce this beautiful variety.  Upon his retirement his only
pair was passed on to
Keith Gibbons of Keiths Orps in England.  

We are proud to offer these beautiful birds in 2014.   Availability will be very limited while
we continue work on them.   Both Buff and White varieties are very new and will need
continued work to perfect.
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Buff Delaware Orpington
(Lemon Cuckoo Columbian)
Keiths orps - Imported
Lemon Cuckoo Rooster - GreenFire Farms
Not recognized by APA
Variety information:
No leg feathering (could still show up from time to
time as with all imported orps)
.  This variety is of
average size.
Variation in color could be occasionally solid
buff, buff cuckoo, and rarely buff delawares
with smutty back feathers.  We have seen
some slate/blue legs occasionally.  
What to expect in breeding:
This variety generally breeds true.  The pictures
here are our actual breeding flock and a good
representative of what we are producing.
Can be bred to buff or lemon cuckoo for gene
diversity. This variety is still considered a project
Release Date - 2014
Egg Laying - Fertility - Good - can be broody
(Lemon Cuckoo Columbian)
Currently unavailable.
The color is rich and vibrant.  They just keep getting better!
We are producing both single barred and double barred males.
A Buff Columbian rooster over White Columbian hens will produce equal chicks of
white and buff but the buff chicks will be pullets.  No buff cockerels will be produced
from this mating.  The cockerels will be white with a brassiness in the hackles.   

To further confuse you a White Columbian rooster over Buff hens will produce White
Columbian pullets and brassy roosters.  It will not produce sex-linked chicks.  
Theoretically if you cross the brassy roosters back to their buff mothers you would
produce some of both buff Columbian boys and girls

The Columbian gene is dominant over non-columbian colors so the resulting
offspring will display the Columbian markings.  

Columbian birds can be used in producing white as the Columbian gene
suppresses other body colors from bleeding through, a common problem with white
Interesting facts about the Columbian gene
The Buff Delaware Orpington (Cuckoo Columbian)  has a golden buff
body and breast, with light black barring on the ends of the hackle, wings and
tails. It is similar to the Columbian color seen in some breeds, but has barring
in the dark portions rather than uniform black.  As in other barred varieties the
hens are single barred.

Legs and beak are pinkish white.  I have seen some legs being a very pale
grayish pink.
They size, type and color on our Columbian hens is superb to the Buff Del
hens.   We are currently using these hens in our Delaware pen for the
remainder of 2014 breeding season.   We expect the next generation to be
even better than this generation.
We have produced both single barred and double barred roosters.  Both are
quite striking.
darken as they mature.  They are both double barred .   Both will be
used in our breeding pen when they mature.