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Why handmade soaps?  I'm glad you asked!

Why use artificial, potentially damaging products on the largest organ
of our bodies, our skin! Many of the substances that come in contact
with our skin has the potential to be absorbed into the bloodstream.
Consider transdermal patches, for instance, a patch designed to
administer a medication through the skin such as a nicotine patch or
birth control.

The average adult has about 8 pounds or approximately 20 square
feet of this exceptional organ. Every product we use on our skin has
the potential to be absorbed into our bodies, including harmful toxins.

I've compiled a list of  "needs to be pure"  list of products that come in
contact with our skin.  At least read the labels on these products and
get the ones with the least amount of chemicals in them if you can not
get handmade natural:

  1. Products that are used on babies or children including baby
    powders and lotions
  2. Anything you put in your bath water
  3. Leave in conditioners, lotions, face creams, and body oils
  4. Shampoos and conditioners, although they are rinsed out they
    still come in contact with the rest of our skin

Reading labels carefully can be an effective way to sort out which
products are truly natural.  Researchers recommend watching out for,
and avoiding, at least the following three ingredients in your cosmetics:
  • Parabens, preservatives that have been linked to cancer
  • Phthalates, chemicals used in fragrances that are harmful to
    your reproductive system
  • Talc, which has been linked to ovarian cancer
No Chemicals
Plant Based
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