Who is Pearly Sue?
Pearly Sue was born in a small town in Mississippi during the depression years.  She
spent most of her growing up years with her grandparents where she learned "the old
ways" of doing things
, ways that are all but lost today.    Their existence depended on
things like s
hare cropping, canning, sewing, quilting and making life's little necessities like
handmade soaps.  

Who is Pearly Sue?  She was my mother and my friend.  She taught me so much
that her grandparents passed on to her.  Things that would have been lost when they
passed away.  One of my favorite pastimes was to sit and listen to her stories of "the old

Through the years she  shared her knowledge in sewing, quilting, canning, soap making
as well as tips and tricks on how to make life easier ( and in a lot of cases more
yummy!).  Her career was house wife and mother.   I remember every morning starting out
with biscuits and gravy about 5am.   And to this day, no matter how many times I make
that meal,  it just never turns out as good as hers' did!

I am thankful to have had the opportunity
to call this special lady "mom".
Pearly Sue Allen 1937-2014
Pearly Sue & her Grandparents
My mother, Pearly Sue, & Me
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