• Blue:  Alkanet root, indigo (could stain, use sparingly), poppy seeds,
  • Brown:  Cilantro, cloves, cocoa, coffee grounds, cinnamon, comfrey root, ginger, rosehip seeds,
    rose petals,
  • Gray: Pumice - Ground (exfoliating)
  • Green: Alfalfa, aloe vera, cucumber, dill, fennel, henna,  grass, rosemary powder, sage, spinach,  
    seaweed, spirulina,
  • Orange: Carrot juice, pumpkin, safflower petals
  • Pink: Beet root,  hibiscus, paprika ( exfoliating bars ), rose hips, tomato, red or white wine
  • Purple/Blue: Alkanet ,  madder root
  • Red: Moroccan clay
  • White: Kaolin clay
  • Yellow:   Annatto seed, ground calendula petals chamomile, curry powder, blackberry, blue berry,  
    beta carotene, marigolds, orange peel,turmeric,  saffron
Natural Soap Colorant by Color Produced
If you have additional ideas for natural colorants please email us and we
will add them to the list. Thanks!
Alfalfa: (use dried, ground alfalfa) gives medium green color
Alkanet root: (infuse in oil) produces purple to blue color
Annatto: (infuse in oil) results in yellow to orange color
Beet root powder: results in squash yellow color; contains antioxidants
Black walnut hull: (use dried, ground) adds purple to black specks; good for exfoliating
Calendula: (dried, whole flowers) produces yellow streaks; has healing properties
Calendula: (powdered) yellow color; healing benefits
Carrots: (use ground, raw) produces yellowish orange color; contains beta carotene
Chamomile: (use dried, powdered) produces beige to yellow color
Chamomile essential oil, German: (also known as Blue Chamomile) results in light green color
Cinnamon: brown color; can be irritating to some skin types
Cloves: (use ground) brown color; can be irritating to some skin types
Cocoa powder: brown color
Chocolate: (use a melted chocolate bar) brown color
Coffee: (use finely ground) brown to black color; exfoliating, has antioxidants, and removes odors
Coffee: (instant) brown to black; antioxidant and odor eliminating
Cornmeal: yellow color; exfoliating
Blue cornmeal: purplish blue to brown color; exfoliating
Elder berries: (use in lye) light brown color; high in antioxidants even though original color has changed
Green tea powder: brownish green color; antioxidants
Henna: olive green to greenish brown color
Indigo powder: deep blue color; Caution: Stains easily!
Kelp: green color; minerals and iodine in minute amounts
Madder root: red to purple color
Milk: shades of beige to brown, maybe orange - (depending on when you add it)
Moroccan Red Clay: brick red color; draws out impurities in the skin
Paprika: gives an orange color
Poppy seeds: black specks; exfoliating
Pumice: gives gray color; good for exfoliating
Rose pink clay: produces brownish pink color; draws out impurities in skin
Rose hips: (use ground) produces burgundy to brown color; high in Vitamin C
Saffron:  yellowish
Sage: (use dried, ground) results in green & browns
Sandalwood powder:   red will be brownish red; yellow will be yellow to beige
Spearmint: (use dried, ground) green to brown color
Spinach: (use dried, ground) produces light green color
Spirulina: produces green to bluish green color
Tumeric: results in yellow color
Additional Natural Colorants by Product
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