Coccidia can cause devastating loss in
your poultry flock. What are the best
treatments or preventative measures?
What is a leaky vaccine and how does it
affect your birds?

The author discusses those topics, plus
which options work best from her
experience, of not just research as a
veterinary assistant, but years of raising

Chapter 4 discusses the most common
poultry diseases the backyard chicken
owner might see and what the options for
prevention and treatment are.

Ever wonder what all the hype on
biosecurity is all about. And is it really

Chapter 3 discusses this at length and
how it affects you and the health of your

The author also shares her importing
journey and over 100 colored images of
25 varieties of her beautiful English
Orpingtons as well as tips on breeding for
color and variety.
Who doesn’t like a
little eye candy!
170 pages, over 100 full color images
Written, researched and edited by Nellie, The Fancy Chick Rare and Heritage Poultry
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